Current Health Laws

Posted: July 5th, 2021

Health policies keep changing and evolving for the benefit of either the citizens or health corporations. It is imperative to understand the effects of these changing policies before voting in their favor or against them. For instance, in this article, Arline Feilen, a patient, lost her husband out of suicide, and her father and mother to cancer. Besides that, she suffered mental health issues, which resulted in heightened hospital bill, as her health insurance coverage did not cover for mental health (Ungar, 2019). She underwent many tests and counseling sessions for her mental health, which led to the high bills of $29,894.50. Arline has purchased an Association health coverage plan with the Affiliated Workers Association (Select Care 1), which unfortunately does not cover mental health.

The Select Care 1 plan covers most of the health issues but does not cover mental health issues. In addition, most of the patients who purchase this insurance plan prefer a short period plan. They are covered with various physical health problems but mental health coverage. Arline, in her defense, says she did not require an expensive health insurance plan, as she did not think she would require such services. Ungar recommends that it is crucial to consider plans with conclusive coverage that align and comply with the ACA to ensure all benefits are covered (Ungar, 2019). This recommendation has its benefits and challenges. Notable challenges include the expensive costs incurred while paying for all benefits. However, with an insurance plan that covers all possible health issues, the issue of high bills is solved. Arline faces high bills and tries to refuse essential treatments such as ultrasounds due to the high costs. With an insurance plan that covers even mental health; necessary tests are conducted efficiently without worrying about the costs.


Ungar, L. (2019, October 31). Grief Grew Into A Mental Health Crisis And A $21,634 Hospital Bill. Retrieved from Kaiser Health News:

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