Ethics as a Road Map through Difficulty

Posted: July 5th, 2021


IntroductionEthics as a Road Map through Difficulty infographics

In this assignment, a comprehensive evaluation of the ethics and values that are imposed and applied within IBM under the leadership of the current chief executive officer, Ginni Rometty, is provided. Some of the challenges that the technology organization has faced in recent years are discussed, including the major challenges that the organization is likely to face in the future. The application of ethical concepts, within the company, in the resolution of problems and overcoming organizational challenges is also discussed. An organization as large in size as IBM requires leadership with a vision and that adheres to ethical concepts for smooth management and resolution of the numerous challenges and problems that it faces. Through the able and ethical leadership of Ginni Rometty, the organization has been able to overcome the challenges that it has faced in recent years, becoming one of the best-performing technology companies in the world.

Ethics Employed at the Company

IBM is an organization that has been built on a foundation of ethics and an organizational culture that is based on ethical concepts, as indicated on the company’s official website: “Our corporate culture is based on ethics and integrity, with management guided by our values and a rigorous system of corporate governance in how we conduct business and manage risk” (, 2019). The organizational culture of the company is based on ethical standards and values such as integrity, honesty, accountability, transparency, and hard work. The management of the company, under the leadership of Ginni Rometty, focuses on establishing an environment composed of dedicated workers that conduct themselves and their activities in an ethical manner. Some of the ethical guidelines that the company abides by include disclosing any form of misconduct, producing only high-quality products, appreciating workforce diversity, respect for employees and customers, and practicing workplace safety guidelines.

The employees of IBM have a duty to comply with the company’s business conduct and guidelines. Those that do not comply with the ethical guidelines of the company are disciplined through various methods, including dismissal from the organization (, 2019). The leadership of the company provides direction regarding business conduct and ethics. The leadership also ensures compliance and directs periodic reviews of ethical compliance. The company does not buy or sell on a reciprocity basis. All purchases and sales are based on price, quality, and the reliability of the suppliers. The company appreciates workplace diversity and takes advantage of the benefits that are enjoyed with a diverse workforce: “Business activities such as hiring, promotion, and compensation of employees, are conducted without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, or age” (, 2019).

Handling Challenges

Through the incorporation of values and ethics in the operations of an organization, an organization is able to respond to any challenges that it faces. Some of the challenges that the company faces include challenges in the provision of services and in the provision of hardware (Berr, 2015). As the largest provider of computer services and specific technology consulting, IBM used to make its money through the provision of computer services. In today’s market, computer services are provided by many other companies, cutting down the revenues of the company. In addition, the company faces the challenge of differentiating its hardware from that of its competitors (Berr, 2015). Stiff competition is also a huge challenge for the technology company.


IBM, under the leadership of Ginni Rometty, responds to its challenges by applying ethical guidelines and through innovation. The company and its various stakeholders are assured of high performance and productivity as a result of the highly ethical workforce. The stakeholders have a good relationship with the leadership of the company, a relationship built on trust, honesty, and transparency. Through innovation, the company has been able to address its hardware and computer services challenges, enabling the company to remain at the top of the technology industry.


Berr, J. (2015, October 20). 6 toughest challenges for IBM’s Ginni Rometty. Retrieved from (2019, May 23). Policies. Retrieved from

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