scuss the purpose of the paper in succinct, declarative sentences.

Posted: July 13th, 2021

Paper Formatting These papers must be formatted according to APA 6thEdition standards including the title and reference page. Papers MUST include the following sections:

Title Page: Include name, paper title, course title, instructor’s name, and date.

Abstract: 120 words maximum

Introduction: Discuss the purpose of the paper in succinct, declarative sentences. The introduction should offer a preview of the paper, its value, and be based upon the concepts studied in the course.

Discussion Content: This section should include 3 elements:

1) a brief examination of the issue, concept, or consequences of actions taken,

2) the concepts or theoretical applications that pertain to this topic, and

3) a discussion of your position on this topic, supporting your argument from the text or other appropriate sources. It is highly recommended you make use of appropriate headings to guide your reader.

Conclusion: Include a summative paragraph which includes a restatement of key points in your discussion.

References: A minimum of four academic references per page (not including your text) MUST be used to support your discussion. Document all sources according to APA style.

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