Term Project Outline

Posted: July 13th, 2021

Term Project Outline

AT&T, Inc. is one of the largest telecommunications, media, and technology companies in the world, founded in 1982 and with its headquarters in Dallas, TX (AT&T, n.d.). The holding company operates through four main divisions: Warner Media, Communications, Xandar, and Latin America. The Communications division provides telecommunications services to consumers and businesses in the United States and globally. The Warner Media division develops, produces, and distributes television, feature films, and gaming content in digital and physical format. The Xandar division provides clients with advertising services, while the Latin America division provides customers with wireless and entertainment services outside the United States.

Last year, AT&T finalized a deal that saw the company acquire Time Warner Bros. (Kumar, 2019), its pay-TV competitor. Over the years, AT&T had been interested in the content and media business since growth in its core wireless and landline businesses continues to slow as a result of increased competition. The company had to make a move that would enable it to improve its media and content business. By acquiring Time Warner, AT&T combined its strengths in direct-to-consumer distribution with Time Warner Bros.’ content and creative talent. This way, the company was able to expand its market and provide more content to its customers (Zimmerman, Chang, & Ulrick, 2019). AT&T now owns high-quality original content and has a larger market for its content.

The term project will be composed of an introduction section providing a brief history of the company and its performance, the body section that will discuss the recent acquisition and its outcome (Kumar, 2019; Team, 2016), a recommendations section discussing how the company should have handled the transition to achieve better outcomes and a conclusion section to state the major points. Some of the major themes and topics that will be notable in the term paper include types of change, organizational change, resistance to change, change readiness, and models of change.


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