Current Events

Posted: March 24th, 2022

Find 6 current event/headline news articles of your choice, but have them be varying topics. The articles should each come from a different week. Have the first article you find come from the 6 weeks back, followed by the 5 weeks….then four; Follow the same weekly pattern all the way to the current week, You may include 2 from the beginning of this week and once from the end if needed to reach the 6 articles.

Once you select an article you need to write a summary of the article, which includes the following and intro, body and conclusion analyzing your position on the article and why. Must include the history or back of the topic, stating what can or should be done to correct this issue. Be sure to be precise, factual, and informational without sounding redundant, or repetitive. And always make sure to site your sources. Each article does NOT have to be a 5 paragraph essay, just needs to meet criteria. These are my instructions.

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