Health Impact Assessment Portfolio Component Health and Livability

Posted: March 24th, 2022

Module: Health and Livability
Final Week: Health Impact Assessment Portfolio Component



This week we will ask you to put what you’ve learned to work. This is your final portfolio component. It is designed to allow you to demonstrate your grasp of the materials that have been presented over the course of the semester and your ability to use them in considering the public health impact of urban planning proposals. The objective is not to determine “right” or “wrong” answers. Rather, it is to demonstrate your ability to use what you have learned effectively and support your opinions with sound reasoning and evidence. The exercise should take no more than 2-3 hours to complete.


Final Portfolio Component: Health Impact Assessment

Complete the exercises in the HIA Workbook. (HIA Workbook.doc
) The workbook has been provided as a Word document to allow you to enter your answers in the document. When you have completed the workbook, you will upload the entire document as your final Portfolio Component.

Feel free to use any resources from the course or other resources you have located.
When in doubt, more detail is better. You should feel that you have demonstrated your grasp of the material and supported your answers with good reasoning and evidence, as appropriate.
If you have questions or are uncertain about how to proceed, please ask.

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