Write a paper in which you use ideas from our readings in Unit II to develop a research project

Posted: March 24th, 2022

Requirements:-Your paper must be 5-7 pages in length, not including your Works Cited page-You must use at least one of our required course texts and at least three additional scholarly, peer reviewed sources that you find on your own (4+ total)-You must cite all sources properly using MLA Style for in-text citation and Works Cited pageDescription:Write a paper in which you use ideas from our readings in Unit II to develop a research project on a specific issue related to our unit on the Divided City. Our readings have offered a wide range of viewpoints on the inherent conflicts that exist within urban settings such as safety, sexist advertising, gentrification, police profiling of minorities, town/gown conflicts between college students and city residents, and inequities with regard to the digital divide.Your purpose in Paper #2 is to devise entirely your own argument about your chosen subject, using both course material and research sources to support your ideas. Thus, Paper #2 requires that you present a clear, informed position on a narrowly-defined topic of your choice. Finding a Topic: The best way to identify a topic for this paper is to pay attention to the ideas or questions that spark your attention while reading our course texts or during discussions in class. If you haven’t read enough of the articles, chances are you will feel lost and not be able to pick a specific topic. Keep in mind that you are not writing a report of facts you have found, nor are you writing an overly-simplified opinion piece. You must have somethingto say that other scholars could reasonably agree/disagree with, and what you say must be nuanced and complex. Again, we will work in class to identify complex arguments as models for your own process. Also, this paper is long enough that it should have a counter argument. There’s a link that discusses the importance of counter arguments on a handout called, “Claims, Claims, Claims” on Canvas/modules/composition.REQUIREMENTS Use MLA style for formatting and for all citations (in-text citations and Works Cited citations). A link for the MLA is on Canvas under modules.Every paper must include a title

2Paper should refer to at least one source from the course readings, though these may not be counted as scholarly sources. Also, you may choose course readings from Rereading America, or the supplemental bibliography that’s under Canvas/supplemental bibliography for paper 3.I would encourage students to use news sources to bring the issues they’re studying down to the real world, and allow the reader to hear what “real” people are talking about. The sources may be added to the main source count, but cannot count as scholarly sources.paper must include a clear, narrow, debatable thesis statementEvery paper must include a minimum of twelve (12) directquotations, each sandwiched (with an introduction and an explanation) and including a parenthetical citationEvery paper must be typed, in 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins and page numbersPaper should be a minimum of 5 full pages and should not go over 8 pages.Every Paper Must Include a Works Cited Page at the end. Every paper must be numbered.Headers are not required, just make sure name is on first page.

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