computer graphic art movement

Posted: March 28th, 2022

For your presentation project, you will be responsible for teaching your classmates about the computer graphic movement in art from the 20th-21st centuries. you will create a Power Point slide presentation about the movement, as well as the artists and their works. Your presentation should have a sound component (you can either screen record in Power Point, use, or another form of recording, as long as it can be shared with your classmates), and your presentation may also include embedded links to other video related educational material associated with your selected subject, i.e. from, Smarthistory,org, etc.; however, this does not replace any slide or sound requirements. The method, format, or design of your presentation is entirely up to your group; however, you should contribute a minimum of ten slides to the final compilation.

Citing three or more scholarly sources other than your textbook, create a Power Point presentation which briefly discusses three works of two separate artists that serves to represent your agreed upon artistic period/movement.

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