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Posted: March 28th, 2022

Dream Job Research Project (75 Points)

You are to research your sport career dream job. This does not to be a formal paper. I actually want you to be creative in how you deliver it so any format is acceptable (paper, PowerPoint/Prezi presentation via Kaltura or another method like a video with a YouTube link!) This is your time to shine! You must have the following in your research project.

State what you dream job is.
What education you need to obtain this career?
What type of internship/training do you need for this job?
From your research what is the typical pathway to obtain this career?
What experiences in college can help you get on the correct path to obtain this career
What are your strengths that will help you obtain your career?
What are your weaknesses that you will have to work on that could hinder your obtainment of this career?
Research 5 different people who have this career:
Does their gender and or race match your own? Why do you think this is something that is important to know?
From your research what is something you found that really helped them obtain their career?
Are they good role models for you? Why or why not?
Try to connect with them on LinkedIn (this is not part of the project just something you should try to do)
Now that you have done all this research how has it strengthened your desire to obtain this career or has it made you think this is not best career choice for you – explain your response.

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