Extracting and Trending Data

Posted: March 28th, 2022

Review HCUP Overview Course
(Links to an external site.)
. This will help you understand the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) and how to use this database to gather information. This will take about 90 minutes to review the HCUP course.


Consider a clinically relevant question to search

For example, your question may be

What are national trends in utilization of adult, in-patient obesity-related procedures? Variables needed will be diagnoses and procedures, as well as patient demographics.

Determine which HCUP database is most suited to use

The NIS (National Inpatient Sample) database is most appropriate to answer the clinical question above.

View HCUPNet https://hcupnet.ahrq.gov/#setup
(Links to an external site.)

This site offers a free, online query system based on HCUP. It can generate output based on diagnosis and procedure costs. It also offers national information on the measure of health care quality.

Complete a query similar to what was identified in the tutorial in #1. Remember the final output on the tutorial based on the question in #2 above looked like this:



Paper: Once you have completed extracting the data based on your clinical question, then write 3-5 pages of content paper to include the following. Use the headers below in your paper.
Title Page – Follow APA
Background: Describe the population with a few statistics from the literature. State your clinical question. Your clinical question does not have to be in PICOT format for this activity.
Methods: Describe the method you used on the HCUPnet to extract data. Be very specific. You need to provide me enough detail so I could replicate the same results if I followed your retrieval procedure.
Results: Indicate the results identified from HCUPnet. Include graphs, trends, pictures, and so forth that you obtained from HCUPnet.
Discussion: Share with us what the data means to clinical practice.
Implications to Nursing: Identify how you will use this information to guide or change your clinical practice. What will you do to know that you have this information?
Summary: Summarize how you applied the Foundation of Knowledge Model in this assignment
What I Learned in this Course: Share a few sentences that you found new and interesting in this course and how you can translate the information to practice.

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