Organizational Analysis using the Business Model Canvas – the 9 building blocks

Posted: March 28th, 2022

1. Choose an organization of YOUR choice and analyze it’s 9 building blocks from the Business Canvas Model and tie it together with a general . Do not use one of the companies that we have already talked about in class.

2. Your paper will explain how your company uses the nine building blocks:
Fill in the Business Model Canvas for your company – You must fill in each of the nine building blocks and have a diagram of your canvas (you can show detailed examples of each block on the side of the canvas (similar to using stickies)
You need to explain each building block in your own words and give 2 to 3 examples/elements for each block that your company uses.
Make sure the blocks are under headings so there is no confusion.
Link the Scaling Up business principles with the business canvas model analysis. You must show where everything fits on the canvas.

3. Your paper must be 9 pages: 1 page cover page, 1 page for references (you need 3 references), introduction approximately 1/2 page (it may be longer), conclusion approximately 1/2 page (it may be longer), and approximately 6 pages to give details for each of the building blocks – this is the core of your paper (core of your paper should be approximately 1200 words).

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