Physics applications that use calculus (ONLY DERIVATIVES AND INTEGRALS).

Posted: March 28th, 2022

This assignment is to create a unique analytical research paper. • You are to outline the importance of the topic and how it is used, include any steps involved and then include two examples and three application examples. • This paper should be at least 5 pages typed in length, not including the bibliography. • A minimum of 3 peer reviewed publications (textbooks, journals, articles, etc.…) should be used to write this paper. The library does offer training on how to search for publications. You will need to read 6-8 preliminary sources to narrow down your finalists. Using ProQuest is a good start on searching for peer reviewed articles. • MLA is the preferred documentation style. • A bibliography of possible sources is required with your draft outline. • An annotated bibliography is required with the final research paper. • You may choose from a variety of topics, but the topic must focus on calculus – use your textbook for ideas.

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