statistical applications

Posted: March 28th, 2022

Writing Assignment — Statistical Applications

This writing assignment must be a minimum of 400 words in length. Please double space and use a 12-pt font. The submission is expected to be well-written, meeting college level writing standards, with a minimum of three resources. The textbook may be uses as an additional resource but does not count toward the minimum required. Cite all sources used in meeting the assignment requirements using APA formatting. Be sure to follow the instructions, providing the information requested and submitting by the indicated due date in the appropriate Drop Box.

Write an introduction paragraph. Why do you believe college graduates are expected to take courses that are not directly related to their majors – for example taking a math course if you are a Liberal Arts major? What value do you believe taking math will make in your life?

Briefly define statistics and its purpose.

Think about statistical applications in your life. Consider your personal life as a consumer and citizen. Identify statistics specifically relevant to you and your experiences. Briefly discuss the type of statistics you identify and its significance in your life. Provide examples.

Next, consider your major and research statistical use in the field. Again, identify statistics and their significance in this field. Discuss specific applications of statistics and its significance to what you expect to be doing.

Be sure to write a conclusion.

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