To Keep Or Not To Keep

Posted: March 28th, 2022

Read the following scenario in the uploaded file. After reading the scenario, answer the following questions in essay formatting. Please use APA formatting. The answers to these questions MUST BE 3 pages. Please include a reference page and cover page.

Questions to Scenario are:
1. Can (or should) some artifacts be recorded in the field and left there?

2. What are Sandra’s and Ned’s viewpoints?

3. Should curation cost be a consideration in deciding what to keep and what not to keep?

4. Are there any types of artifacts (bricks? flakes? undecorated body sherds?) that might not need to be curated after being recorded?

5. Who should take responsibility for making sure we have adequate curation facilities in the future, and who should oversee guidelines for museums “discard” or deaccession policies?

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