US and China Trade

Posted: March 28th, 2022

One written project report is assigned in this course.

Each student must complete an individual project report for this assignment. This must be the student’s original work. The heading for the project report must include the student’s name and the title of the project. The report must include the history of US and China trade relationship, current trade issues between the US and China, the impact of trade issues on current businesses including agriculture, manufacturing, services, economic, environmental, and financial implications. The report must address the problems, alternative solutions to the problems, and a recommended course of action with an explanation of your decision. Project report must include library research with at least 8 cited published references. The project report must be no less than 6 typed double spaced pages with a 1 inch margin (top, bottom, and sides) using a 12 inch Times Roman font in a “Microsoft Word” document. Absolutely “NO” google documents will be submitted for this assignment. Students must submit their project report to Dr. Carr via email attachment to email: by the due date of Dec 3, 2020.

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