Adobe Spark PowerPoint on Sudan’s Culture

Posted: March 29th, 2022

Your U.S. company will be sending a team to work on a project in Sudan for 6 months. To minimize inherent challenges, the project team will complete a series of cross-cultural trainings to learn more about the country’s culture, history, and current events, especially as they relate to industry and the workplace. The goal is to prepare the project team to have the knowledge and skills to successfully engage and navigate in this new cultural environment. You will be responsible for preparing just one Country Culture Training as part of a larger series.


1) Your training should be a video that is 8-12 minutes long. It should briefly introduce the country before taking a deeper dive into the impact of culture on one of the topics below:

Current events: Current events, issues or hot topics impacting or related to business or industry (ex: immigration, climate/environment, COVID-19, war/conflict)

Political environment: Political system and structure, stability of government, future political risks, bribery and corruption risk/index

Economic and business environment: Major exports and trading partners, government attitude to foreign investment and trends, ease of doing business, trade regulations, currency, education and literacy levels, availability of skilled labor, labor rights, membership in regional economic and trading blocks

Legal system: Protection of intellectual property rights, enforcement of contracts

Business customs: unique business customs, etiquette and practices one should be aware of when doing business in that country (time and decision-­‐making, meetings, negotiations, business relationships, dress code, status, gift-­‐giving, etc.)

Ethics: What ethical issues does your country have around industry, labor rights, human rights, environmental issues or corruption that might impact conducting business in your country?

Engineering education (or criminology): Compare/contrast educational systems for engineers with other countries (e.g., how many years to completion of degree, curriculum, general or major-specific curriculum).

Engineering regulation and licensing (or criminology): Compare/contrast your country’s licensing requirements with other countries (e.g., is licensing required? How does one become licensed, by whom? Is there more than one pathway to become licensed? Is there reciprocity between countries?)

2) The training video should also include specific recommendations for conducting business in this country relevant to the topic you covered. Why is this topic important for your colleagues to know about and what should they do to successfully navigate this cross-cultural experience?

3) Make explicit connections to the course content and materials throughout your assignment.

4) Be sure to cite or acknowledge the source of any facts, thoughts, or opinions that are not your own. Identify at least 8 sources from a diverse array of reference materials to draw from.

5) Include visuals such as tables, images, graphics, or videos to support your narration and text.

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