Posted: March 29th, 2022

Identify and analyze the four (4) primary documents from the documents assigned in The American Yawp Reader (Chapters 6-15) by answering the five questions listed below for each document. Each source identification is worth 5 points for a total of 20 points. Answer all five questions for each document together in one paragraph. (1 document, 5 sentences, 5 points).

Who wrote the document? (Include the name of the author and explain who they were in terms of class, age, race, etc.)
When was the document created? (Include the date but provide context – an explanation of what was going on at that time)
What type of document is it? (Speech, diary, etc.)
What is the main point of the document? What is the author’s thesis?
Why is this document significant to historians – meaning what can we learn from this document that is specific to understanding the era in which it was written?
The four documents to analyze are:

Benjamin Banneker demonstrates black intelligence to Thomas Jefferson 1791 (Chapter 7)
Sarah Grimke calls for Women’s Rights 1838 (Chapter 10)
George Fitzhugh argues that slavery is better than liberty and equality 1854 (Chapter 11)
Freedmen discuss post-emancipation life with General Sherman 1865 (Chapter 15)

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