History Assignment (You need access to the book)

Posted: March 29th, 2022

Answer these questions about Worlds Together Worlds Apart chapter 20 (I have included the picture to the book you will need in a file)

1. One of these questions about power from WTWA chapter 20:

a) What is one way you see power shifting from one region or country of the world to another? In other words is one region or country becoming more (or less) globally powerful, militarily, politically, economically, or through its cultural influence? How or why did this happen?

b) Where do you see power shifting within a society? What groups are gaining or losing power (ruling elites , merchants, the “people”, minority or marginal groups)? How or why was this happening?

c) In what ways were humans gaining more power or control over nature? How or why did this happen? Alternatively, how did nature (such as water, weather, germs) impact humans?

2. What can we learn about our own or another society and history from this?


Answer these questions on the Lecture Videos (I will post the links to the videos in a notepad attachment)

1. how did this video change your perceptions of World War II and war in general?

2. what were the causes of the 1911 and 1949 revolutions in China? What does John Green claim are the biggest legacies of both revolutions?

3. How successful/unsuccessful and violent/nonviolent was decolonization in Africa and Asia after World War II? (explain how are you defining “success”.)

4. What evidence is there in this video that during the Cold War the US was fighting to defend democracy and what evidence is there that it was fighting to defend capitalism?


Answer these questions on the assigned pages from your Van Til, chapter 6 (Screenshot of the book is in the attached files)

1. Analyze: What is the author’s main argument (thesis)? How convinced are you and why?

2. Analyze: What role does the author think individuals, organizations, churches, and governments have played in causing the “global challenge” and what role does each play in addressing the global challenge that is at the center of the book?

3. Apply: How does one idea or aspect of the reading relate to the WTWA chapter?

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