Newswriting – Must follow directions

Posted: March 29th, 2022


I have a newswriting paper that I need assistance with. You must follow ALL directions and include what is said to be included correctly please. This requires tedious work and some articles to source. I will be attaching the assignment and how to write a lede, different how to as well so you can understand what the directions are. I would like this done correctly the first time so we can move forward with the next.


You will produce three in-depth feature stories appropriate for publication in a newspaper or magazine. This is one of them for this paper. The other are separate papers for other jobs.

· Story 2 will be at a minimum 1200

3 minimum sources for this story, research must be adequate to support the assigned word count. However, three of the sources for each article must be personal interviews from Orange County locally. An informal list of research and interview sources need to be attached to each of the submitted articles. We need to talk to people for the interviews.

The Monopoly story includes all of the elements that a feature story should include. It includes a lede that is engaging and intriguing. It should have hooked you in as soon as you reached its end. It includes interviews with people who were involved or knew the people involved. They gave their perspectives on what the story was about. The writer helped move the action along until we read from one of the people involved. The writer filled the gaps. The people in the story were quoted, and the small anecdotes and action in the story come from those people as told to the writer of the story. The story also ends appropriately with an interesting scene and quote. See more directions in the word document

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