Nurse Practitioner (NP) Area of Interest Power Point Presentation

Posted: March 29th, 2022

List of Possible Topics for Power Point Presentation

· Best evidence available about a topic (i.e. frequency of mammography)

· Screening recommendations (i.e. PSA for prostate cancer)

· Information about a healthcare-related phenomenon (i.e. when to talk to a person about ending treatment for a terminal illness, non-compliance of diet for individuals with congestive heart failure)

· Vaccinations for adults and/or children

· Early assessment for health-related concerns (i.e. depression in teenagers; suicide prevention for the elderly)

· Life style changes (i.e. smoking cessation, increasing activity in teenagers)

· Relationship between events or health concerns (i.e. relationship between dementia and caffeine consumption.

· Selection on an intervention (i.e. use of small group theory to lessen anxiety)

· Symptom management (i.e. pain, vomiting)

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