Winesburg#1 activity

Posted: March 29th, 2022

Instructions for this activity are about 3 pages in length Winesburg essay exam video guide, 9:45 Prose stories we will read from Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson (link to text here) Prose stories we will read from Winesburg, Ohio are in the text above (link to text above) and in the recordings below (links to audio recordings in list of titles below) “Godliness, a Tale in Four Parts” I, concerning Jesse Bentley II, also concerning Jesse Bentley III Surrender, concerning Louise Bentley IV Terror, concerning David Hardy “Adventure,” concerning Alice Hindman “The Thinker,” concerning Seth Richmond “The Untold Lie,” concerning Ray Pearson Video chats to help with the assignment and readings Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson introduction video chat (link here), 10:41 Winesburg, Ohio, Jesse Bentley I video chat (link here), 13:37 Winesburg, Ohio, Jesse Bentley II video chat (link here), 16:37 Winesburg, Ohio, Louise and David Hardy video chat (link here), 14:54 Winesburg, Ohio, Alice Hindman video chat (link here), 16:40 Winesburg, Ohio, Seth Richmond video chat (link here), 15:57 Winesburg, Ohio, Ray Pearson video chat (link here), 11:10 Directions for class activity Explain in your group discussion forum which character in the stories we read from Winesburg, Ohio you find especially interesting and why. Select one passage from the story (not more than 10 lines in length) that illustrates your reason for finding the character interesting. Quote this passage in correct MLA style in your post for your group members. Reminder: formal essay exam on Winesburg, Ohio (link here) scheduled W 12/2 or F 12/4 (exams submitted after 12/4 receive F grade) EXTRA: Between 11/20 and 12/4 in blackboard, receive a grade of 80 or better on the 15 question quiz on Winesburg unit activities and get an achievement badge plus one point toward the 10 required class activities To prepare for the Winesburg essay exam (before 12/2): Do activity Winesburg#1 (link here) The essay exam question on Winesburg, Ohio becomes available on 12/2 in the “Writing Assignments” folder in blackboard. Your essay in response to the question is due in the same folder on 12/4 To prepare for the English Department Final Exam (after 12/4) Do activity FinalExam#1 (link here) The reading and study materials for the Final Exam become available on 12/4 in the “English Dept Final Exam” folder in blackboard. The essay exam question for the Final Exam becomes available on 12/14 in the same folder. Your essay in response to the question is due in the same folder on 12/18

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