Caring Science/Human Caring Theory

Posted: April 6th, 2022

In class we learned that the English language has its origins from Latin. “Patient” was defined as “One Who Suffers”. And “Caritas” meant “To Cherish”. Dr. Jean Watson is the author of the 10 Caritas Processes which are widely respected in the Nursing field. Our topic to explore today is the idea of the Mind+Body+Spirit approach in Nursing. Holistic healing that involves the philosophy of not treating the disease, but to treat the whole person. For this to happen, a healing environment must be developed. Dr. Watson’s Theory of Caring is the blueprint for the Art of Nursing. She has 10 doctorate degrees, has written 20 books, and is considered a “living legend” in the Nursing world. She started the idea of a “Transpersonal Relationship”, which is being fully present and feeling a union and harmony with a patient. Dr. Watson believes that patients should be respected, nurtured, and understood. That Nursing is a spiritual circle concerned with: 1) promoting health, 2) preventing illness, 3) caring for the sick, and 4) restoring health. Dr. Watson states that the Science of Curing is balanced by the Art of Caring.

Now go to her website posted on your page. Navigate the site and open the page called Caring Science/Human Caring Theory. Scroll down and you will see headings of: Transpersonal Caring & the Caring Moment Defined. And: Transpersonal Caring Moments, Caring Occasions. You must READ these carefully to prepare for Essay 3.

BIO : Jean Watson is an American nurse theorist and nursing professor who is best known for her Theory of human caring. She is the author of numerous texts, including Nursing: The Philosophy and Science of Caring. Watson’s research on caring has been incorporated into education and patient care at hundreds of nursing schools and healthcare facilities across the world. The caring model or theory can also be considered a philosophical and moral/ethical foundation for professional nursing and part of the central focus for nursing at the disciplinary level. A model of caring includes a call for both art and science; it offers a framework that embraces and intersects with art, science, humanities, spirituality, and new dimensions of mind/body/spirit medicine and nursing evolving openly as central to human phenomena of nursing practice. These will be the concepts for you to explore in Essay 3

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