Consumer Motivation and behavior

Posted: April 6th, 2022


Section 1 – Audit of the Decision Process

What was the product or service purchased and what was the final price?
Who bought the product or service?
Identify all those who played a role in the decision process and what role they played (e.g., initiator, influencer, decision-maker, etc.)
What problems did the product/service solve? What was it’s main function?
What attributes were important?
Was it a first-time decision? A review of a previous decision? A careful decision? A casual decision? Was the amount of deliberation appropriate to the decision?
What triggered the decision-making process?
Was there an information search? How was the search conducted? How much information was collected? What sources were used? When in the process was information gathered?
How many alternatives were evaluated? Why those alternatives?
How was the final choice determined?
Where was the final product/service purchased? Why there?
Which came first: where to buy or what to buy?
Section 2 – Relationship Between the Consumer & the Product/Service

How is the product/service used or consumed? Who uses it? When? Where? How often?
What feelings or opinions surround the consumption process?
How long has the relationship with the product/service been going on? How has it evolved and changed over time?
What terms best describe the relationship and why? (e.g., good, bad, mixed, dependency, exploited, etc.)
What kinds of things have gone wrong in the relationship? (e.g., quality lapses, poor service)
What positive surprises have occurred? (e.g., exceptional service, performance above expectations)
Is the customer satisfied or dissatisfied with the product/service? What factors influence their level of felt satisfaction or dissatisfaction?
How were expectations formed? Did the product exceed them or feel short? How?
How does the product/service fit into the customer’s life? What role does/did it play?
What role did the brand play?

Each group will work together to identify a consumer that meets the criteria for the project and is willing to be interviewed for 30-60 mins (can take place in multiple tries)
Every group member should attend the interview session(s) and be an active part of the questioning/discussions
An audio recording of the interview session must be enclosed with the final submissions and all team members participating must state their names at the beginning of the recording

Each group will create a paper with a minimum of 6 to 8 pages based on the findings from their group interview. The paper must address the following:

Describe the customer lifestyle segment the consumer belongs to.
What product or service was purchased and what motivated the purchase? What does the purchase reveal about who the customer is as a person?
Characterize the decision-making process for the product/service.
Describe the consumption experience for the product/service.
Explain whether the customer is satisfied/dissatisfied and what has influenced that relationship over time.
Develop two (2) marketing strategies based on your learnings from Section 1 of the interview.
Develop one (1) marketing strategy based on your learnings from Section 2 of the interview.
What final learnings/recommendations can you make about consumer behavior for this customer segment?
The paper should NOT be a transcription of your recording! It should be a summary of learnings based on your interview. Be sure to expand or add more questions where appropriate to be able to answer all parts of the writing requirements.


Your final group project paper must adhere to the following guidelines:

All pages must be typed, double-spaced, size 12 Arial font and all margins should be 1-inch all around (top/bottom, left/right)
Include a title page (with a title, your team members’ names, class, due date) and an appropriate table of contents page that lists each section and its corresponding start page
Your paper should have logical section headers that address the content areas in the “Writing Requirements” section above – e.g., “Customer Lifestyle Segment” or “Decision Process”
Each section header must be bold and underlined
Although not required, if you choose to use any outside research sources they must appear as footnotes in proper APA format on the page(s) they are referenced.
Be sure to proofread your final paper and complete a spelling and grammar check PRIOR to submission to avoid losing unnecessary points!

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