country analysis paper

Posted: April 6th, 2022

The Paper –

The paper (6-9 pages) should be double-spaced, and consist of 6 sections. A works cited page is expected and is not part of the total pages.

Country Introduction. Give a brief history of a country and how it relates to its neighbors.
Political Environment. What is the legal environment as well? What are the sources of political risk? Are there incentives to attract FDI? Are there disincentives to discourage importing? Intellectual property protections? Corruption?
Economic Environment. What is the growth outlook? Consumer purchasing outlook and ability? Economic freedom? Current trade blocs? Key exports & imports? PPP? Logistics issues?
Cultural Environment. Hofstede & Hall? Elements of culture key to marketers? Important subcultures or regional differences?
Situation Analysis for Country. Either a SWOT on the country or a look at Porter’s Diamond Model
Negotiation Tips. Meeting etiquette. Rules for dining and alcohol. Gift-giving. Greetings and potential faux pas in negotiations.
Advertisement. Give an example of an advertisement from a company in the country. May be video, print, radio, etc.

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