Genre Analysis Essay

Posted: April 6th, 2022

Topic: Scoliosis

You will do an analysis of multiple texts (at least two, probably not more than four) to see how a discipline thinks. The analysis might compare or classify several articles on the same topic from different genres, several assignments or other academic texts from different disciplines, or professional job-related writing to academic or other kinds of discourse community writing. If you compare, you’ll contrast two texts; if you classify, you’ll categorize four or more, although since you have more texts, you won’t have to delve into them as far as you will if comparing two. (No matter what, you will NOT be working with three texts, one for each body paragraph in a five-paragraph essay. Three texts won’t allow you to compare or classify). The 3-4 page paper will again be in the form of an essay, with an introduction leading to a thesis sentence, several paragraphs of organized support using quotes and paraphrases from the article in MLA Style, and a conclusion.

Key objectives for getting started on the Genre Analysis:
Explain what genres are and how they work
Identify typical generic conventions
Compare generic conventions of academic genres to other genres

Key objectives for working through the Genre Analysis:
Assess the use of visual rhetoric such as images and graphs
Use comparison and/or classification organizational patterns
Integrate and compare information with analytical language
Use author’s names and titles to establish authority

Key objectives for finishing up the Genre Analysis:
Show how generic conventions are used in specific rhetorical situations
Show the author’s point of view in order to give credibility to sources
Wrap up an analytical point in a paragraph using concluding sentences

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