Professional Development Plan

Posted: April 6th, 2022

The following files will give you all you need to know about the assignment including:

Instructions for the Professional Development Plan Assignment
Professional Development Plan Template
Ethics Assessment
Grading Rubric for the Professional Development Plan
What gets handed in?

The template provided on the first tab in the Professional Development Plan workbook outlines the content for the assignment, but you decide on the final format that your plan will be delivered in. This flexibility is provided so that you can make the resource something that will be actually usable by you.

Here are some possible ideas:

● An infographic and a written explanation

● A PowerPoint or similar presentation with explanations in the speaker’s notes

● A recorded audio or video

● An H5P Interactive Infographic – the list is an image and hotspots give the explanation

● A Poem, Song or Story

● Anything else you want to do that (1) communicates your professional development goals, (2) describes specific actions and outcomes, and (3) explains how these changes support one or more of your long term professional development goals.

Please choose one you can do and let me know, thank you!

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