Project Proposal

Posted: April 6th, 2022

Paper instructions

For this paper, you will identify a client and develop a strategic global communication campaign for them. Identify a client that can grow by improving its global communication strategy.

Try to identify global development potentials and how you could help the organization to enlarge their market to expand a product (or service) into another cultural market of your choice/suggestion. You need to include the concepts presented in class for the purpose of culture and advertising appeal.

You are encouraged to keep your strategic global communication campaign focused on one or two new products or services.
You are also encouraged to keep your campaign focused on expansion to a specific country, region, or culture.

In other words, don’t try to write an entire strategic communication plan for every aspect of your client’s business all around the globe. Focus on a small number of products or services in a specific international market.

You may want to choose a company that you know very well and that may benefit from your final project for this class. You are required to choose a service or product that you believe would benefit from expanding to another culture/country.

The purpose of the project is to think about real life examples in a critical and in-depth manner. Each project should include:

Background and history of the organization

Description of the organization’s current global/domestic messaging

Evidence for how expanding that messaging can help the organization

Description of the product or service

Description of the market/country/region/culture where you are proposing expansion

Description of short-term tactics for implementing the proposed expansion

Description of the long-term strategy for implementing the proposed expansion

Plan for implementing the tactics and strategies

Explanation of goals or objectives of the proposed expansion

Plan for ongoing evaluation of the proposed expansion and its objectives

The above list is not meant to be the structure of your paper. Please do not turn in a paper that lists the 10 criteria above. Use the listed criteria to write one cohesive narrative that includes all of the required information. Write that narrative with a specific audience in mind. That audience should be the decision maker/makers at the organization of your choosing.

Due to the time constraints, you are not required to conduct primary research for the purpose of this project, but you are allowed to conduct primary research.
You are required to show evidence of secondary research conducted for the case study. Your secondary research must include at least seven scholarly journal articles or books that could be part of a future thesis project or the research component of a professional project.

Much of the paper is going to be your own ideas. You must then support those ideas using the secondary sources required.

Use the American Psychological Association (APA) style for writing your paper (for both in-text citations and reference list). Try to avoid using long quotes. What I am looking for is how you can synthesize and conceptualize the description and analysis.

A project of this kind is typically between 10-15 pages (APA style). Ten pages is the minimum for this paper, there is no page maximum for this assignment.

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