Rogerian Argument Essay

Posted: April 6th, 2022

Your task is to write a Rogerian Argument Essay. You have examined how external circumstances play a role in achieving happiness. You have also examined how internal factors such as mindset determine whether or not a person reaches a desirable level of happiness.

The issue of this essay is the question: Which has a greater role in happiness: external circumstances or an individual’s mindset? You will answer this question by employing the Rogerian style. This isn’t an easy question to answer which is why I think the Rogerian style works well here. Remember, with the Rogerian style, you are attempting to find some common ground with your reader.


Since a writer will be doing my essay I want my essay to be discussed on the importance of internal mindest over external circumstances in determining happiness. You have to use 2 of the following assigned course readings/sources: “Roko Belic Happy Film” and The Happiness Project Reading to help amplify my argument. You have to point out things through these sources to make my point in this argument on how and why internal mindset plays the main role and has a great effect on each person to live happily. To make my essay more on the point you have to share a personal experience or a story of your own or sharing a journey in reaching internal happiness in order to make myself more personable to my audience as well as more empathetic to their side as well. Talk about how effective it is, to make my point and so I can persuade readers that a positive mindset affects your happiness more than external circumstances.

You have to find a common ground for my essay. You can say in my essay that the common ground is to come to the conclusion that both factors have an effect on your happiness but in the end, it is up to you to choose if you are really happy. If you can be proud and fulfilled with yourself you have the ability to be happy no matter the external circumstances. In the end, happiness is when you choose to be happy and strive for happiness in your life with a positive mindset. You can add more to it to make my common ground more reliable and more interesting.

1250 Word Minimum (MLA Format)

Use the two of the following assigned course readings/sources:
“Roko Belic’s Happy Film” this is the link to the Happy film on youtube

and “The Happiness Project” reading that I will upload so you can read it.
Make sure you discussed the opposition’s valid points and come to a consensus or find common ground.

There are different ways to structure your argument. The biggest question you will make as a writer pertains to the location of your thesis: Should I put the thesis at or near the end of my introduction, or should I wait and discuss the merits of both sides of the issue before explaining my common ground claim. The choice is yours, but one way to answer this question is to weigh how controversial the topic is. An extremely controversial topic would probably warrant a thesis somewhere in the middle of your essay as to avoid alienating your reader. For this assignment, though, the topic is not too controversial. The issue in question is how much of a role (if any) do external circumstances play in obtaining happiness.

Another thing that you want to be cognizant of is tone. Remember, you are trying to instill into your reader that you have genuinely considered both sides of the issue. With that said, you want to avoid highly charged words, ones with lots of connotations that could be interpreted in ways you wouldn’t want them to. In a conventional Rogerian Essay, usually, the writer waits until he/she has discussed the opposition’s points before stating his/her position. And the bottom line with Rogerian Strategy is that you are arguing with empathy. The goal is to come to a consensus or find common ground. My teacher will be looking for this when he grades my essay so it is extremely important.

My Essay should have these criteria:
Clearly responds to the assignment; demonstrates insight and a sophisticated understanding of the issues; develops a clear, superior thesis

Support and Development
Meaningful and significant support for central idea; specific and original idea details; in-depth development of key points

Effective paragraph-level and sentence transitions; strong topic sentences; flows smoothly paragraph to paragraph

Mechanics and Word Usage
Virtually free of spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar errors; correct and effective word usage

Appropriate formatting according to MLA guidelines

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