Topic: To write a 2,200–2,500 word argument essay in which you identify one facet of modern tech

Posted: April 6th, 2022

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The widespread accessibility of modern technology has given us many new possibilities. We’re now able to obtain information more quickly and easily than ever before. We can keep in touch family and friends online and make friends with people we may never meet. We’re able to program destinations into navigation systems and follow spoken directions without ever consulting a map. However, many believe that this constant access to different kinds of technology makes us more distracted, less able to communicate meaningfully with each other, and generally less capable.
Objectives n Use the writing process to write an argumentative essay n Write an effective thesis statement n Develop paragraphs using topic sentences, adequate detail, supporting evidence, and transitions n Develop critical reading skills n Use responsible research methods to locate appropriate secondary sources n Use Modern Language Association (MLS) citation and documentation style to reference secondary source material correctly and appropriately n Quote, paraphrase, and summarize secondary source material correctly and appropriately n Use the conventions of standard written American English to produce a correct, well-written essay


Purpose: To persuade your audience that this particular facet of modern technology either should or shouldn’t be limited due to people’s reliance on it Methods: To use at least six secondary sources to support your argument including 1. A minimum of three articles from Expanded Academic ASAP 2. A minimum of three secondary sources that you have evaluated according to the guidelines in your textbook (569–573). Audience: Junior and senior-level distance education


Research 1. Your research is integral to your argument essay; however, it plays only a supporting role. At this point, only after you have gathered content in the prewriting process, should you begin the research process, because a. Your use of secondary sources should be limited. b. Secondary sources provide evidence to support your claims. c. You shouldn’t allow secondary sources to take over your argument. 2. Use your prewriting to guide your research. Look for evidence that will help to confirm what you know, clarify your point of view, or correct your mistaken beliefs.

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