Writing Assignment 3

Posted: April 6th, 2022

Third Writing Assignment


Applying your sociological imagination, discuss and address the following social issue:


Racial and Ethnic Relations in the United States historically have been for the most part controversial and difficult to understand. As broad categories, race and ethnicity, play central roles in the reinforcing of patterns of power and inequality in society. The categorization of groups in these ways has resulted in the uneven distribution of social resources, especially when it comes to social mobility


Implied are the contradict ways which realities or experiences affect one group more so than others. While being prejudicial towards someone or a group may not result in discrimination, such an argument fails to consider the importance of stereotypes and labels in the ways in which we as individuals make use of them in our everyday interactions and encounters.


Using your sociological imagination, discuss how of socialization, culture (remember culture includes media representation of images., movies, commercials, ads, etc), deviant behaviors and institutional racism contribute to the persistence of racial and ethnic inequalities. In your analysis, you must apply one of three theoretical perspective as well as one sociological theorist.


You do not need to use outside sources or news articles for this assignment, but it might be useful for your analysis. If you need to use as sources of support, you may do so but remember to properly cite



Think outside the box! As usual 2-3 pages double spaced, Times New Roman Style.

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