Families of alcoholics, codependency, family substance abusers, and the effects on wife and mothers

Posted: April 7th, 2022

Thesis Statement and Outline Due 3rd December

Thesis: This will consist of one paragraph (300-500 words) where you identify a tentative thesis statement (only a few sentences) and then, explain what materials (i.e. the ethnography and other scholarly work) you will analyze to demonstrate your thesis statement.

Outline: The outline should identify the introduction, the substantive sections of your article, and the conclusion. For each substantive section, you include a brief description of the theme, issues, topic, and/or examples that will be covered in that section. You should also make clear how the materials in this section illustrate and push forward your thesis statement.


Final Paper Instructions Due 11th December

Title of Paper

Each paragraph should be indented by .5”. The font to be used in the body of the paragraph is either Garamond or Times New Roman, Size 12 (Size 11 in header). Margins are 1”. Course number and title, your name (Student ID Number), and date of submission at the top of the page should be singled-spaced. And the rest of paper will be doubled-spaced.

If the quotation is longer (longer than three lines when written in Word), block quote. For instance,

“The criminal impulses of the North African are the transcription into the nature of his behavior of a given arrangement of the nervous system. It is a reaction which is neurologically understandable and written into the nature of things, of the thing which is biologically organized. The lack of integration of the frontal lobes in the cerebral dynamic is the explanation of the African’s laziness, of his crimes, his robberies, his rapes, and his lies” (Fanon 1963, 303).


Note, if you quote this way, you do not include quotation marks. However, if you do a regular citation, you would include them. For instance, Hochschild states, “Feeling—whether at the time, or as it is recalled, or as it is later evoked in acting—is an object. It may be valuable object in a worthy pursuit, but it is an object nonetheless” (2012, 41). Note, since you wrote “Hochschild states,” you do not need to include the name in the parenthesis. A different example would be this. Emotions can become objects and that is important for cultures: “Feeling—whether at the time, or as it is recalled, or as it is later evoked in acting—is an object. It may be a valuable object in a worthy pursuit, but it is an object nonetheless” (Hochschild 2012, 41). If you quote the same author and text back to back, use this form with “Ibid.:”

[Emotional] labor requires one to induce or suppress feeling in order to sustain the outward countenance that produces the proper state of mind in others—in this case, the sense of being cared for in a convivial and safe place. This kind of labor calls for a coordination of mind and feeling, and it sometimes draws on a source of self that we honor as deep and integral to our individuality (Ibid. 2012, 7).

Do not worry about telling me where you are quoting from. Simply cite the text in the parenthetical form with author, date, and page number. No reason to write Michel Foucault in “The Birth of the Asylum.” It is adequate to write “Michel Foucault (1988 [1965]) emphasizes the role of the asylum in normalizing…” or “Asylums had an important role in normalizing the mentally ill through spatial and moral segregation (Foucault 1988 [1965]).”

Please include a bibliography, which will include your chosen ethnography, three scholarly works not included in the course (you can use more if necessary), and at least one course reading you decide to use. You should use the style guide provided by American Ethnologist, which is based on The Chicago Manual. See the section “Citations and references” at the following link: https://americanethnologist.org/submit/stylesheet

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