Research Essay on Behavioral Genetics

Posted: April 7th, 2022

Biological Psychology Research Paper (50 pts)

Select a topic of interest in biological psychology, gather a minimum of three academic/peer reviewed sources, and write a three (minimum) to five (maximum) page paper describing and supporting the chosen topic with references.


Three to five pages in length not including the Title and Reference pages. Double-spaced, size 12 font, Times New Roman. APA formatting. Minimum of three academic/peer reviewed, full-text articles submitted with outline. Recommended search engine: Library Access portal in class website using OneSearch or EBSCO Psychology and Behavioral Science (search engines). Google Scholar may work as long as the article is full-text, peer-reviewed, and downloadable.


Topic Presentation (0-30pts):

The topic is presented in an objective, nonbiased manner. Information is well organized, accurate, and supported by evidence from journal articles. The information is presented at an appropriate level of depth and specificity for the length of the paper. The prose is formal, academic, and impersonal.

References (0-10pts):

There are a minimum of three peer-reviewed articles preferrably using the library’s EBSCO or OneSearch search engines that are full-text. These articles (pdf) were submitted with your paper outline and are your primary sources. Additional academic sources can supplement your references but not be central to your paper. If you do use additional references, include the full text article with your outline (not with your essay). Do not use abstracts only or popular media intended for a general audience. All cited sources have accompanying full-text, peer-reviewed articles.

APA Writing Style (0-10pts): The title, in-text citations, and references are consistent with APA Style. All material is appropriately referenced and cited correctly. The paper is free of spelling errors, syntax problems, and problems with paragraph organization. The narrative is written in academic language.

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