Research Firewalls

Posted: April 7th, 2022

Research alternative firewalls and network security products other than Palo Alto or Cisco.

Based on your research, choose one product that will be the basis for this paper.

Do in-depth research on this product and include in your report:
Vendor Name and Product
Product Overview
Hardware/Software capabilities
Integration capabilities
Ease of Use
Cost Overview and Impacts on your organization

Pros and Cons
Here are some questions for you to consider and answer as you write your report in your own words as you describe your chosen product:

Why did you choose this product?
Does this tool help identify and address cyber threats? If so, how?

Are free versions/low-cost products just as good as paid versions of the product? Why or why not?

How do these tools fit into the Six Phases of Incident Response?

What gaps in security might these products address?

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