Rights In America

Posted: April 7th, 2022

Argumentative Research Thesis. 1000 words minimum. It must be in third person. No first person words like I’s or we. Must use transition words. Must use MLA style. Must have a thesis statement at the end of the first introduction paragraph and in the closure statement it must be stated again. It must have a minimum of 4 quotes. It must have a “works cited” page on the last page alone. PLEASE LOOK AT ALL DOCUMENTS I UPLOADED. 1. Research Proposal template is what it will be about. 2. Look at the Sample argumentation Outline 3. You must only use the 4 academic resources that I have uploaded. A. Gender discrimination B. Inequality in america C. Life on the line_Death Penalty D. The moral bias of a free society Basically the thesis need to be an argumentative research one. I provided the material for the academic sources so you only need to read these and no other outside research is needed. The Declaration of Independence states that all have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in America. But do we really? Is the death penalty the right to life? Is inequality a opportunity or the pursuit of happiness? so on and so forth. You have to choose a side on the topic which I will leave up to the writer’s discretion. Just no first person, only third person. 4. I have attached the the beginning of the essay. It is called “Rights in Americabcq”. You can start from here.

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