The Predictive Influence of Youth Assets on Drinking and Driving Behaviors in Adolescence and Young Adulthood

Posted: April 7th, 2022

The purpose of these projects is to provide you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with published research, to practice APA style of academic writing, and explore your areas of interest as related to developmental psychology. The task for these projects is as follows:

Your review must follow APA style guidelines( most recent edition) and must be a minimum of one full page in length with a maximum of two pages/ MLA format is not acceptable for these papers. Each required Journal Critique assignment is worth 100 points and the Grading Rubric for Journal Critiques is displayed below.

For this assignment, you will:
1. Choose an empirical article from a professional, peer-reviewed, journal where the author describes the purpose, method, and results of a scientific investigation. You must select your article from the NNMC Online Library Database.

Some examples of relevant journals in Developmental Psychology are:
Adolescence Journal of Black Psychology
Aging and Cognition Journal of Counseling & Development
Child Development Journal of Marriage and the Family
Death Studies Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Developmental Psychology Journal of Youth and Adolescence
Developmental Review Merrill-Palmer Quarterly
Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences Psychology and Aging
Human Development Research on Aging

2. Identify your article by including a full APA style reference of it at the top of your assignment. For your convenience, a sample of an APA formatted reference is located in the Course Content tab.

3. Briefly summarize the research article, which generally states the purpose of the study, the rationale for the investigation, and the results of the study. Note: When writing your critique, you will want to provide the most salient information as succinctly as possible. In some instances, you might choose to replicate or incorporate part of the original text. In these cases, you MUST put quotation marks around the words you are copying, followed by the page number in parentheses. The summary should be no more than one third of the critique (refer to the Grading Rubric that follows).

4. Provide a brief commentary (or scholarly “opinion”) of the article, which should follow your
summary. Your commentary should contain your scholarly evaluation of the article, giving close
consideration to the strengths and weakness of the study. For example: Do you agree with the results of the study? Why or why not? Do you think the research presented supports the findings? Why or why not?
Note: It is very important that you justify and support your opinion. It is not enough to indicate that you agree or disagree with the author(s) or the results of the study, you must explain why you agree or disagree.

5.Type and submit your one-page critique.

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