US court system.

Posted: April 7th, 2022

Introduction: In the introduction summarize the topic of the chapter and tell how it relates to this course. Also state the main opinion of the chapter—the author’s primary point/conclusions in the chapter.
Main points: Explain three or four major points and tell how the author supports each point—what evidence, sources, etc. Write separate paragraphs for each main point (the review is basically another type of essay).
Your personal evaluation: What was most interesting—gave you new insights or perspective on the topic? What did you learn about this period/episode of history? How did the chapter supplement the material in the text and the lectures? Was the chapter well-written? Did the author cover the topic as well as you expected? What questions about the people/events did the chapter not answer? How is the chapter relevant to contemporary life? What—if any—issues, situations, policies, personality types, etc. in this chapter are still a concern in today’s world?
5. Conclusion: Overall, what did you learn from this course? Would you recommend this course to another student— why or why not?
N.B. Your paper must be in APA format. Your cover and reference page are not counted in your page requirement.

Cover: your cover page must include a running head (an abbreviated title, no more than 50 characters long and is in all capital letters) and page number, title, author name(s), and College affiliation – all double-spaced. Margins: 1-inch margins on all sides of the page; Font: readable font without serifs (give preference to the Times New Roman). Size: Font size 12pt. Left indent by a half inch for every new paragraph. Left indent by a half inch for every new paragraph. Double space between lines, references and block quotes.


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