Article Review Assignment- Topic: Depression

Posted: April 11th, 2022

I chose the topic “depression” as the topic for this assignment. This assignment is an APA Abstract that needs to be 150-250 words. Feel free to contact me if you have other questions, thank you.


Article Review Assignment


Description of Assignment: There are 20 top issues currently trending in the field of human growth and development. Here is your opportunity to select one issue that is of interest to you and locate only one reputable article or a journal article that provides insight on the topic.


Special note: A scholarly published article will have an author and a publication date. It is also important to remember that an article review is not a research paper in which you reflect on multiple sources. An article review provides a critique on 1 article that relates to a topic in the human growth and development field.


Directions for the Assignment: Your role is to highlight the important facts about the article you selected. Additionally, your article review will also include a discussion on how well/or not well the author presented the information in the article. What could the author do to improve the article? Your article review needs to include the following components:

Title page – APA title pages are required to have the running head in the upper left corner of the page and page numbers in the upper right corner of the page.

Abstract summary – The abstract summary will begin on page two. APA abstracts are required to have a word length of 150 – 250. Keywords at the end of the abstract summary in italics is required as well.

The article review – The actual article review will begin on page three. The actual article review will include the following components:

An introduction to the article review.

Review of the article and critique.

A conclusion in which you provide closing remarks on the article review.

Reference page – The reference page is the title of your last page in the article review. This is where the learner will provide complete information about article.

Please be reminded that blogs are not reputable resources and therefore should not be used. Please do not use Wikipedia, blogs or any unauthorized websites for any work related to this course. If you are unsure about the authenticity of an article, please contact the instructor immediately for assistance. Learners who do use the resources not allowed will receive partial credit for their article review. Additionally, plagiarized article reviews that are not paraphrased in your own words will receive partial credit for their work based on the percentage of originality.

I do expect correct spelling, grammar, and language rules. Additionally you must apply APA 6

th edition writing style to this article review summary. A rubric is available in the content section of D2L course for the article review assignment.

Here is a web link to a website that will introduce you to writing an article review:

Article review or critique retrieved from: How to write a journal article critique using APA formatting writing style:

Here is a web link to a website that will assist you with APA writing format:

Purdue Online Writing Lab (2014). APA retrieved from:


Top Issues Currently Trending in the Field of Human Growth and Development



Childhood Issues

Adolescent Issues



Family Structure


Death and Dying


Substance Abuse

Sexual Abuse

Physical Abuse


Cultural Issues


Psychological Disorders

Learning Disabilities

Language Barriers

Biological Development

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