Demonstrate knowledge of the importance of ethical and professional behaviours that relate to professional conduct.

Posted: April 11th, 2022

Please refer to the Guidelines file for more details but here is what I need.


Assigment title:


Demonstrate knowledge of the importance of ethical and professional behaviours that relate to professional conduct.


Summary of Assessment Method:

Seen case study / scenario, below, – 1000 word written assignment justifying relevant topics that apply to the scenario.

a) Safeguarding Adults

b) Conflict resolution,

c) Cultural competence

d) Mental capacity and consent


Assignment question

Choosing any two of the above (I have chosen B and C but if you like you can chose any two of the above) areas from the above mandatory training list explain the ethical considerations and professional behaviours that an Occupational Therapist might consider working with the case scenario below (you must give equal consideration to both topics (approx. 500 words each however, introduction and conclusion are needed).

Case scenario

A community Occupational Therapist is due to meet for the first time with a 67 year old Slovak lady Mrs Kristina Kostrova who has reduced mobility, fatigue and difficulty accessing the bathroom which is located on the first floor on a two bedroomed house. More recently, concern has been raised by her family that she has become increasingly forgetful and had inadvertently left her gas cooker on whilst cooking.

Mrs Kostrova’s son and his wife have temporarily moved in with his mother along with their six year old twin daughters following being made homeless and are currently waiting for suitable housing for their own family

The change of home circumstances has resulted in increased stress being experienced by the family and the referral states that this is causing the son to shout more at the children which is affecting the children’s school work and confidence. Also the son has shouted at his mother and physically threatened her. He is frustrated that his mother has lost interest in maintaining her home and in cooking. The cleanliness within the kitchen is becoming an issue according to both Mrs Kostrova’s son and daughter in-law.

References: 11 (from Health related UK websites, books and journal articles)

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