Final Assignment

Posted: April 11th, 2022

The following is the final assignment,

Please submit your assignment by due date.

This final assignment will carry 15% of the grade.

The CIA World Factbook is published annually and contains economic, political, and social data for nearly every country in the world. To pull up rankings of each country on each data item, go

1., select Library, Publications, The World Fact Book, and Guide to Country Comparisons.

2. Scroll down to the Economy section and click on “GDP-real growth rate.” Write down the growth rates of the countries with the five highest real GDP growth rates and the five lowest real GDP growth rates.

3. Go back to the Economy section and click on “GDP-per capita.” (Per capita is Latin for per person.)

Look up GDP per person for each of the countries whose growth rates you have just written down.

Please write the following,

Question 1:

Please submit a table containing data of 10 countries with highest and lowest real GDP and GDP per capita.

Question 2:

Pick 4 countries excluding US with highest GDP, read the economy section and identify the two most important contributing factors toward the high GDP growth in those counties.

Question 3:

Identify two important reasons, which contributed toward the higher growth rate of US in last decade.

Questions 4:

Write the model for production function. As we know, one of the factor contributing to growth is technological progress, what is the difference between exogenous (external factors) and endogenous (internal) growth factors. Give example of each.

Question 5:

President Trump gave tax incentives to Apple (company), as a result Apple built a factory in Texas moving some of it’s operation from China. Write a paragraph of how this event could lower unemployment rate in Texas. Do you think, it will increase GDP per Capita of Texas? Why?

Question 6:

Please go to IMF. Discuss the most important factor contributed to a Bail out of Argentina.

Please read the following paper to glean an understanding of Argentina’s Debt Crisis

Question 7: Please go to World Bank.

WWW. World Bank.ORG

Answer following question,

What is Human Development Index?

8. Why this index could be considered as a better yardstick to measure overall wellbeing as compared to GDP only measurement. You can also find same information if you go to UNDP.

Please create a table with top 10 top ten countries with high Human development Index.


Note: You can get additional information from World bank and IMF.

9. Please open the attached file. In appendix 1, you find Glass Ceiling Index ranking of women in America is 22, on the other hand, Sweden has ranking 2, Norway has ranking 4, France has ranking 5. Glass Ceiling is a barrier of women face to achieve top hierarchical position in corporations.

You are a consultant in Abdullah and consulting, please write minimum in 350 words, how women in America could have a better ranking in Glass Ceiling Index in future.

When you write reasons please also mention US ranking of Gender Development Index (GDI).

10. Appendix 2 shows regional comparisons. Why value of Human Development Index in Africa is much lower?

Mention one reason for lower value of HDI of Africa as compared to US. You can get the information from CIA.

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