Posted: April 11th, 2022

GENDER AND SEXUAL DEVELOPMENT Briefly discuss both biological and social contributions to the development of sexual identity and development.  Be sure your discussion includes both biological and social aspects of development across the lifespan.  Include  both same-sex and opposite sex identities in your discussion.     Then, provide at least one bible scripture that supports or forbids same-sex behavior.  It is important to distinguish between attraction and behavior in this part of the discussion.  Do you believe it is a sin to be attracted (tempted) to a person of the same-sex?  Do you believe it is a sin to act on that temptation by practicing homosexual behavior?  Do you believe the attraction is a product of “ nature” (biological) or “nurture” (social) or both? Note, do not simply discuss what you “think” or “feel”.  Rather give valid bases for your answers.  These can include both scripture and scientific bases.  Just be sure to think critically regarding your sources and the application to your position. NOTE: This is one question, but has two parts that should be connected with each other in your discussion.

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