Investment and economic growth

Posted: April 11th, 2022

A 1-2 page detailed summary of your paper-Outline


-This paper is about the most influential economic growth in the world and how this helps the economy to have better development in the world.


-The first thing i’m going to talk about is what is“ Investment“ and what is “economic growth“.

-How does total capital investment influence the economy and help to capitalize making jobs to many employment in the big brandas.

-What investment and aggregate demand need to have a better economy.How the stock market affects the economy in the different investments.

-How entrepreneurship and innovation help in investment and economic growth.

-Give examples of the countries that have the best economy and how they make it to keep fluid.

-How the technology helps to make a great investment and economic growth.


-Explain why I choose this topic and for what reason is important in the world.


2. A bibliography of articles that support this paper. This must include at least 4 peer reviewed sources.

)paper,with a bibliography that includes at least 4 peer reviewed sources). You may also include appendicesfortablesorfiguresifyouwish.Pleaseseethemfullassignmenthandoutfor grading rubric. Note: I will not accept late paper under any circumstances.

For your research paper you may examine any domestic or international macroeconomicissue. I encourage you to come up with your own topic. If you have difficulty coming up with a paper topic, you may select it from the list of topics. Try to select a topic that genuinely interests you because you don’t want to be bored writing the paper.

A. GeneralOutline
Your completed paper should have the following items and sections:
Author (you)

I. Introduction/Significance of the Problem (around 0.5-1page)
This section should explain the significance of the issue you are studying. Why should we (or the government of X) care?

II. Analysis including literature review (5-6pages)
In this section, you should analyze the issue you are interested in using the tools (models)andconceptslearnedinECON2103.Didanyoneelsestudythisorsimilar issue before? What are their main findings? How do your analysis/findings differ from or coincide with the findings of others? Be sure to use data or some other evidence to support your arguments. If you are studying some policy issue, what policy recommendations would you make and why? Make sure that your recommendations and findings are consistent with yourevidence.

III. Conclusion (0.5-1page)
Summarize your findings. You need to convince the reader that you addressed the issue you wanted to study and that you haveimportant findings/recommendations. Make sure that your conclusions are consistent with youranalysis.

IV. References
Cite your sources in alphabetical order. Use at least four primary sources. Do not

forget to cite the sources for your data. When citing references, please use
Author(Date) citation style commonly used in economics papers. Sample citation for journal articles:
Aigner, D.J., C.A. Lovell and P. Schmidt (1977). “Formulation and Estimation of Stochastic Frontier Production Function Models.” Journal of Econometrics6(2): 21-38.
Sample citation for books:
Pindyck, R. (1990). The Structure of World Energy Demand. Cambridge: MIT Press. pp. 36-38.

B. Format
Your paper should be typed using font 12, double-spaced. The length of your paper should be around 7 pages. Try not to exceed 9 pages. Label, name and number all your graphs and tables.

C. OtherSuggestions
Please feel free to ask questions about any part of your project. If in doubt, use common sense. Do not plagiarize.
You can obtain most US data from the following websites:
– the Federal Reserve(
– the Bureau of Economic Analysis(
– the Bureau of Labor Statistics(
You can obtain most international data from the following websites:
– International Monetary Fund(
– the World Bank( and economic growth

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