Reflection Paper

Posted: April 11th, 2022

For your second and last reflection, I’d like for you to think back on your performance in this class the entire semester. Use the questions below as guidelines for your reflection, but think about everything: what worked, what didn’t work, what could have worked, etc. Be sure to address these two things: what could you have done differently? What could I (as the teaching professor) have done differently? and be sure to explain WHY. Look back to what you wrote in the first reflection as a springboard…how much has changed? What have you done differently? What seemed to have worked better (or not) and why?

Some topics covered in class:

-Identity and behavior


Guideline questions for your reflection:

How much total time did you spend preparing (or writing/reading/reviewing)?
When? How did you spread out your preparation?
How did you prepare for the group-lead discussions?
How did you prepare for the final project?
What kinds of mistakes did you make?
Trouble understanding a concept (or list specific concepts); Trouble with definitions; Not concentrating/focused enough; Careless mistakes; Lack of preparation; Unclear expectations; Reviewed the wrong material… or other mistakes that you think you may have made.
Name at least two (2) things you could do differently. Be specific. For example, will you spend more time, start your preparation earlier, change a specific study habit, try a new one (if so, try to name it), sharpen some other skill (if so, name it), participate in more review opportunities or something else?
What performance strategy worked best/worst?
How can I (as the professor) help support your learning and preparation for future sections of this course?

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