Posted: April 11th, 2022


Assignment: Every other week you will write a reflection paper on a film, plus reading.
In your reflection you must evaluate and make connections between the reading material, the film. Because this is a lot of material to discuss you should not try to cover its totality. Rather select one or two elements you find particularly interesting and talk about it/them.
Choosing a clear focus will help you write an effective report because you must do more than merely describe what you saw; you must engage analytically with what you saw and felt, reflecting at a deeper level.

Research: Please make sure to lookup the director of the films, extra information regarding the reading, and background of the temples, shrines, and or matsuris you choose to visit so that you have a better understanding of what you saw/experienced and any other information you deem useful for someone reading your paper.

Purpose: This assignment is designed to help you evaluate how Japanese spirituality influences everyday life in Japan, and how culture influences spirituality. Furthermore, the information gathered to write the reflection papers will help you develop the ideas for the individual project.

Audience: You are writing your reflection papers to show to your Professor and classmates how a specific Japanese spirituality element in a film, a reading, and your personal experiences and shape your understanding of class-related material. Although they are personal and subjective, you must maintain an academic tone and you paper must still be thoroughly and cohesively organized.

Guiding Questions: The following questions are intended to help you but you are not limited to responding them:

– What theme do the class readings, and films share?

-What were some of the common Japanese spirituality themes/issues in the film?
– What is special about this aspect of Japanese spirituality?

– How is it related to everyday life and how does it influence it?

** These guides will help you to understand how to write a reflection paper:
(Links to an external site.)

Due Dates:

Please check the course schedule for deadlines. Reminder: Upload them to Turnitin before midnight on Saturdays.

Reflection Papers should be singled spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point size font, 750-1000 words.
– Do not forget to cite your sources (minimum of 3), or you will get point deductions. You cannot list websites as sources. Remember: movies and videos are also sources. If the source comes from a website, you must cite them correctly.
Link to movie:

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