Self Assessment

Posted: April 11th, 2022

SECTION C: ONE self-assessment entry reflecting on your growth and development in the course/semester. You must provide evidence to support your claims of writing development. (The evidence would be those tasks that you did for this course this semester, but which you were not required to submit for e-tutor feedback. Students are encouraged to check off the answers themselves. Look at your performance on these tasks. Write two self-assessment entries where you evaluate your performance before and after you checked your answers, or when you began the course versus how you are ending the course, etc.). [TOTAL Marks = 10%]

Self-Assessment Instructions
For this assignment you will write a self-assessment based on the information above. Be honest and through as possible. Your self-assessment must include:
• An introduction
• Three evidentiary body paragraphs
 One paragraph evaluating of your performance when you began the course (refer to and include evidence to support your claim)
 Two paragraphs evaluating your performance at the end of the course (refer to and include evidence to support your claim)
• A Conclusion
• Include all supporting evidenbcqce at the end of the assessment as an appendix

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