General Structural Features of the Enzyme: (if you cannot find all of the information for human enzyme, it is OK to describe from other organisms)

Posted: April 19th, 2022

NOT THE WHOLE PAPER REQUIR LOOK ONLY FOR THE ATTACHED PART AND DO IT WITH ALL ITS REQUIREMENTS AND ZERO PLARIGZIME. The step will be included in uploaded files to have an idea about topic I in need to wrote about part that l will be uploading with all requirements and instructions below.

6) General Structural Features of the Enzyme: (if you cannot find all of the information for human enzyme, it is OK to describe from other organisms)

 Size of the protein.
 Primary structure = amino acid sequence
 Secondary structures such as alpha helices and beta sheets info
 Special features such as active site information, binding site, cofactor or prosthetic groups binding sites, or any other special features from tertiary structure and folding
 Quaternary structure (if it is monomer, dimer, trimer, or tetramer, in different organisms) and any other structural details you find for each subunit
 Is there any “homology” (= similarities) described for different organisms
 Any post-translational modification the protein undergoes
 Information from crystal structure studies by authors
 Now find references and find the pictures of the enzyme structure. Include them in the report, continue to give figure numbers, description (legend) and reference.

7) Physiological/Biological Function of the Enzyme:

• Describe the general function of the enzyme = in which metabolic pathways the reaction catalyzed by the enzyme involved, or what roles does it play in the organisms = How is it useful for the organism
• Make sure you have read the publications about this, not just what the database directly gives and include all the additional information you found from these publications.

8) Inhibitors (and activators if available): (you can find this in Brenda site and for details read the publications listed in the Brenda site)
• Which are the inhibitors (and also activators) for your enzyme? (You can first get it from the Brenda site, and then look for details from the references the site lists). List all the ones you find.
• Are these activators and inhibitors physiologically generated within the organism, or are they external ones?
• What is the mechanism by which they activate or inhibit? (for at least one inhibitor and one activator you must describe in detail)
• For the inhibitors (at least one inhibitor) what are the kinetics data (Ki Inhibitor constant, IC50 = What is the conc for 50% inhibition).
• What are the consequences of inhibition or activation.

9) Medical, diagnostic, or industrial or other types of applications:
Describe any of these applications you find from the databases and the references that are listed in the database, to find enough information.
Which applications
Why or how is the enzyme involved in these applications.


10) Mutations or other impairments, and Diseases caused by mutations, impairments or deficiencies of the enzyme:
• What types of mutations or impairments or why the deficiencies are caused
• What happens to the enzyme due to the above
• What are the consequences?

11) Conclusions: (just create this title; you will work on the writing part for final step of the project)
12) Acknowledgements: (just create this title, but you will work on this for next step of the project)
13) References: In APA style, for ONLY those references you used this time, for the different sections of the report.
Follow all instructions needed and zero plarigzime please.

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