How to Title an Essay, Complete Guide

If you need to come up with a title for an essay, there are several things to take into consideration. Essays typically fall within the topics of history, literature, and economics. Essay titles can be used as a quick reference to understand the main theme of the essay. Essay titles also allow people to know […]

Posted: September 14th, 2021

If you need to come up with a title for an essay, there are several things to take into consideration. Essays typically fall within the topics of history, literature, and economics. Essay titles can be used as a quick reference to understand the main theme of the essay. Essay titles also allow people to know what kinds of information they will discover when reading your paper. You may want to include your name or other important keywords from within your essay in the title so that readers have a better idea what you have written about. This guide will teach you how to choose an appropriate title for any kind of essay, whether it is assigned as homework or written as part of a class reflection.

Titles should typically include three parts. Essay titles usually consist of a descriptive word followed by a colon that is then followed by an object or person.

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You can try out these examples for yourself to see how they work.

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When you are beginning the process of brainstorming essay topics or writing your own essay, it can be helpful to use an online Essay Title Generator. Essay title generators can provide you with a quick method of generating titles for your pieces. They can help break writer’s block and get you writing again when you’re feeling stuck. Essays are typically assigned by teachers or professors, but they do not always give students specific directions about what to include in the title. The Essay Title Generator gives writers many different options to choose from so that you can select one relevant option and move forward with your work productively. Writers often struggle when it comes time to come up with a creative and illuminating essay title, and Essay Title Generators take most of the burden off of the student’s shoulders. Essay generators like this give students more time to think critically

How to Choose a Good Title for an Essay and Why Is It Important?

Attempting to choose a title for an essay is probably one of the hardest things that students have to do when they are writing essays. Essay titles can be difficult to think up because what you want the person to get from your essay should be summarized in a single word or phrase. A good title gets people intrigued and makes them want to read your paper. If you don’t have a good hook on your paper, then it will most likely not be read by too many people. However, if you do use a strong topic sentence, interest readers with an attention-grabbing introduction and provide a clear thesis statement, while also using key words that relate to your paper, then your essay is bound to get read! In order to pick a good title for your essay, follow these guidelines:

1. Make sure the title is short and easy to remember! Good essay titles are one or two words long (e.g. “Poetry” or “Drugs”). Essay titles should also be catchy and make someone want to read more about what your paper is going to cover (e.g. “What The World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love”, by Jackie DeShannon.)

2. Use key words that relate to your topic in your essay’s title (e.g. drugs, rock and roll, poetry)

3. Essay titles should describe what the paper is going to be talking about so that people can easily get a brief summary of what they are going to be reading about in the paper (e.g. Essay About Drugs in Rock and Roll in the 1960s)

4. Make sure the title is not too long or confusing! Essay titles should be short and to the point, with a catchy tone! However, if your essay’s title is too simple it will not grab people’s attention enough to read your paper. If you have a good thesis statement that sounds interesting then people are more likely to actually read it rather than just browsing through all of the essays they get from their teacher or professor.(e.g. Essay on How Poetry Changed My Life)

5. Essay titles should start out strong with a strong sentence so that readers know right away that your essay will be interesting and not just a waste of their time (e.g. Essay on Why No One Should Write Essays at 3:30 A.M.)

6. Essay titles should talk about what the essay is going to be talking about as well as provide insight as to how it will be affected or why it’s important (e.g. Essay Discussing How Poetry Changed My Life and Its Important in Today’s Society)

7. Essay titles should focus more on how your topic affects you, the author rather than the actual topic itself (the same thing goes for essays in general). If you can make yourself relatable then people are much more likely to read your essay! (e.g. Essay on How Poetry Saved My Life)

8. Essay titles should be specific and narrow down your topic so that people know what they are going to read about (e.g Essay on The Effect of Drugs in Rock and Roll During the 1960s).

9. Essay titles should not follow a pattern because it makes them less unique and more boring or predictable! Try thinking of something new or different for your essay’s title (e.g. Essays On Why Poetry Changed My Life)

10. Essay titles should not just talk about one aspect, but instead how that aspect affects the author as well as society (e.g Essays on How Poetry Helped Me )

11. Essay titles do not need to be long and elaborate! Essay titles should be short, catchy, and at the same time give readers a good idea of what is going to happen in your essay without giving too much away (e.g. Essays on Poetry Changed My Life)

12. Essay titles are best when they are talking about how something affects you as an individual rather than society because it makes the paper more personal (e.g Essays on How Poetry Changed My Life).

13. Essay titles should attract attention by being strong opening sentences that entice people into reading further (e.g HOW POETRY CHANGED MY LIFE)

14. Essay titles should be unique and different, so it’s a good idea to start thinking of ideas before you sit down to write your paper so that you can come up with a catchy title while writing the essay! Essay titles are best when they describe what kind of essay you will be discussing but also how it relates or changes your life (e.g Essays on How Poetry Changed My Life For The Better).

15. Essay titles should grab people’s attention by being unique and at the same time making them want to read more about the topic discussed in the paper! Essay titles should contain general topics that other papers have not focused on or at least not focus on as much, otherwise essays tend to get boring

How to Come up with a Title for an Essay: Student’s Guide

An Essay is a vital part of every student’s life. Essays are not only assigned as homework and to monitor the progress of students but also for other various reasons such as exams and assessment tests. Essay writing comprises a large portion of what we learn at school, so it is important that we know how to write them well. Essay Titles should be chosen carefully so that the reader has an idea about the content of the Essay.

Writing titles may seem like an easy task, but it actually requires great effort and skill to come up with an effective title that captures attention and makes your Essay stand out from others. A good Essay title can be defined as one that makes the Essay seem interesting and unique.

The most important thing to keep in mind while thinking out a Title is that it should not reveal too much about what you Essays is trying to prove. This will make the Essay look like atdumbbell work instead of an original piece of writing. Therefore, avoid using words like ‘my’ or ‘in this Essay’ in the title. It might sound like an easy way out, but according to experts, long titles do a better job than short ones when it comes to grabbing attention, especially among a huge crowd of other Essays under consideration for publishing. The title needs to reflect your Essay’s content in such a way that the reader is enticed to read it. This usually requires keeping your Essay’s content and its title separate, so much so that even if someone reads your Essay’s title they will still be intrigued about what you Essay is going to say. The Essay should make the reader feel like they need to know more.


When trying out a Title for an Essay , it can prove useful if you consider certain things while choosing a suitable name:

-The Essay’s thesis statement

-The style of writing used in the Essay

-What the Essay is primarily about

-Whether or not there are any interesting or unusual words that could use in order to attract the Essay’s audience.

Bad vs. Good Essay Titles

So, you’ve been assigned an essay to write. What are some things to consider when writing the title?

Essay titles are very important because they can communicate a main idea of what the writer is trying to say in their article. They are also used as keywords for search engines.

A bad essay title may be too broad and not provide enough information on what the article is about. It might also include vague language such as “problems” without specifying what kind of problems (i.e.: social, academic, personal). The reader will likely choose another article that seems more interesting if it doesn’t sound like this one will fulfill their needs or goals.

An example of a good Essay Title: Essay Writing Tips to Improve Essay Grades

This Essay Title uses keywords that people searching for Essay Writing might be looking for, and it also gives a specific example of what kind of Essay Writing is needed or wanted.

A bad Essay Title: Essays

An essay is a common academic assignment given to students where they describe their opinion on a certain topic. In other words, if the reader already knows about Essays, this title doesn’t provide any new information. Also, a lot of other essays out there could have used this same title as well so it isn’t very unique or original. Similarly, an article with a generic title such as “Improving Essay Grades” would not help the reader to choose this essay over other essays covering the same topic.

An example of a good Essay Title: Essay Writing Tips for Good Grades

This Essay Title includes keywords that people searching for Essays might be looking for, such as “Writers” and “Writing.” It also uses words like “tips”, “Good”, and “Grades” which give the reader an idea of what they can expect from reading this Essay. Finally, it is specific enough to differentiate itself from similar articles with unique titles. For example, if an article has the title Essay Writing but doesn’t mention grades or tips, then it will not help the reader differentiate between that article and this one on Essay Writing Tips.

Another Essay Title which could be improved: Essays to Improve Essay Grades.

This Essay Title also uses keywords like “Writers” and “Writing,” but it lacks the specificity of this Essay Writing Tips for Good Grades. The sentence starts with Essays, which is too broad; then it changes to Essay Grades, which isn’t very specific either (i.e., should I improve my English essay grade or Math?); finally, it ends with something extremely vague such as “to Improve.” For example, what does improving mean? How can I improve my grade? Remember that a good Essay Title will include specifics such as “how-to” and/or examples of what is wanted (i.e., Essay Writing Tips).

Another Essay Title which could be improved: Essays on Essay Writing

This Essay Title also uses keywords like “Writers” and “Writing,” but it lacks specificity as well. It may make the reader think that this article will teach them about Essaying (writing an essay), instead of Essay Writing or tips on how to write essays. It is too broad and doesn’t specify what kind of Essays it’s talking about, such as literary essays vs. persuasive essays; also, it starts with a vague word such as Essays without indicating a specific topic, so a reader might choose another article instead if they’t know what the author will be covering.

80 Catchy Essay Title Examples

An Essay is a story or a piece of writing that gives the author’s opinion about something. Essays usually contain persuasive, insightful information.

An Essay can also present new ideas on specific subjects. Essays have been written since the beginning of language and today there are even some popular essay competitions like the Great American Essay Contest in which people from all around the world participate and compete against each other in essay writing.

In order to write an Essay it is essential that you know how to come up with an Essay topic and what Essay title to use when submitting your Essay online.

Here we provide 80+ Catchy Essay Titles for your inspiration: [ content follows]… [Your article continues here]

80 Catchy Essay Title Examples:

– Essays: What Good Can They Do?

– Essay on Essay Writing Competition

– Essays: A Necessity in the Modern World

– The Essay Contest Experience: An Outsider’s Perspective

– Essay Writing Competition 2012 – Open for All!

– Essays on the Great American Essay Contest

– Where to Find Interesting Topics for an Essay? Essays Help Us Understand Ourselves Better!

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