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English Literature Essay writing service

English literature essay is an article focused on English-language literature rather than the literature of England. It therefore includes writers from Scotland, wales, the crown dependencies and the entire Ireland as well as English in literature from former British Empire including USA.

Basically, English literature essay is the study of texts from around the world written in English language. It covers all the different texts including and not limited to; novels, non-fiction poetry and plays.

What is the purpose of studying English literature?

Studying English literature allows the learner to develop thorough knowledge of literary history, theory and criticism. This enhances the learners understanding of a wide range of cultures and intellectual traditions. It helps one to gain and develop transferable skills that are highly sought by a variety of employers worldwide.

Some of the reasons to study English literature are as follows;

  • It makes the learner to think critically about complex topics from different points of view.
  • It broadens the horizons of the learner as the learner can analyze a text conveniently.
  • It enables the learner acquire transferable skills which will benefit the English literature essay society at large.
  • It provides exciting and placemen and travel opportunities to those studying English literature.

When students study literature, they learn to appreciate words and their power. They tend to understand their culture that of others and appreciates them. They learn to consider multiple perspectives and understand the complexity of human nature.  Moreover literature students develop a sense of individuality and creativity and the skill of persuasion as well.

The values and skills learnt from studying English literature essays will help the student in taking up a range of professions. This includes and not limited to; foreign relations, hospitality and tourism, legal services, engineering, education, business and healthcare.

The critical thinking and persuasive skills acquired by the student from studying English literature will make tem be able to draw a link between local and global or international issues. Diplomacy through negotiations, collaboration and effective communication will be achieved.

There following are some of the ways to support English literature learners;

  • Invite the learner to share the stories he or she is learning from the literature.
  • Use own personal stories to connect with the learners literary text.
  • Discuss global issues more often and ask the connection he or she sees between the global issues and the text.
  • Ask questions that come to you about the text whenever you read his or her English literature essay.

What is the purpose of an English literature essay?

English literature essay is the foundation in life. It poses an impact on many topics about human tragedies to other tales. Even though written in words, an English literature essay gives the reader an imaginary vision of the text.

Literature essays enables people see through the lenses of others and gives the reader the view of others in the global society. Literature essays have given a room for the reader to learn about life experiences i.e. both joyful and hurting.

Being able to understand things from different perspectives is a skill that is developed from the very young age through English literature essays. Literature essays are also a time machine enabling individuals go into some specific era in the essay text.

Ability to understand global issues triggers the reader and writer to relate them with the local issues in the society. This will change individual’s judgment of daily issues by making them more positive. Literature is proven to be not only reflective to life but can be a guide to the readers to practice positive judgment.

The world is now dynamic; life before literature essays was more predictable as opposed to the moment. Literature has expanded into countless libraries and into the minds of many and thus an influence in understanding of many.

English literature essay format.

There are many ways to approach the English literature essay writing task, and there are some guidelines to follow when writing the essays. The following are the guidelines;

  • Planning – it’s important very much important but a writer should not spend much time perfecting a structure that might change. A writer can sketch out the plan on a piece of paper before the actual writing. The best skill is when to know when the writer is getting out of topic.
  • Make room for close analysis of the text – most sophisticated essays tend to zoom in on the text and examine language and imaginary closely along the text. Close reading increases the specific of the argument and it improves the chances of pointing up something about the text.
  • Provide several pieces of evidence where possible – two or more pieces of evidence will be more persuasive compared to one or none. A writer should try as much as possible to to justify his or her argument to the audience.
  • Avoid tentative or speculative phrasing – this can be a common to a writer who fails to provide enough pieces of evidence and thus the essay looks less convincing. This will result in the use and reliance of speculative phrases.
  • Read the work of other critics – this seems to be a holy grail of good English literature essay writing tips since it’s perhaps the most effective way of improving the writing. It’s important to read the work of other English literature essay critics as the published essays has less errors and inaccuracies and thus expressed fluently, clearly and effectively. The skill used by the writers will have an impact.

How to write a literature essay introduction?

Introduction of an English literature essay is one of the three sections of an English literature essay. It’s the opening paragraph of the essay; it should briefly introduce the topic, and outline the very key ideas. It might provide context and try to hook the reader’s interests.

These parts make the reader acquainted with the plot and characters. The following should be considered when writing an introduction,

  • Need for tempting or introductory sentence that will make the reader have sneak peek of the article. This will rejuvenate the writer to further read the entire writing.
  • Be brave and bold enough in the introductory paragraph. Involving a word or a phrase from the prose in the writing can be a positive idea.
  • Always think of the question that you are required to answer in the English literature essay. This will keep the writer from going out of context.

Genuinely, there is no standard way to write the opening sentence but it should be interesting, attractive and appealing. To meet these, the following ideas are very important.

  • Stating other point of views.
  • Starting with a quotation.
  • Initiating your writing with a dramatic dialogue.
  • Opening with embedded quotation.
  • Begin with an anecdote.

Other elements of English literature essay introduction are;

  • Tittle – the topic should not be the tittle but the title should reflect the approach towards writing.
  • Background information – reader should know the plot, theme and the main characters of the text to make them predict what comes next.
  • Overview of the topic – readers get the vague idea of the text after introduction
  • Thesis statement – appears at the end of the paragraph so as to clear the writer’s stance in front of the readers. It should be a sentence or two.

An introduction will give the reader first impression about the essay, spending time on thinking and planning it can be worth. When writing the introduction of an English literature essay, the following should be considered;

  • Keep the introduction short and focused- the content and the style of an introduction will basically rely on the purpose of the essay. If the tittle is a question, you need to outline the answer in the introductory paragraph. Introduction should not be more than a paragraph and should be focused on the essay question or topic.
  • Introduce the topic – this will largely depend on the question or topic.
  • Grab the reader’s attention – in order to grab the reader’s attention one could use; a common phrase, a deliberately shocking statement or a rhetorical question.
  • Give some little context – this could entail the time or era of the article, the country, location or town of the essay and anything about that particular society.
  • Introduce the main points – introduction of main idea and highlighting of the supporting idea is important.

There are quite a number of issues to avoid when writing an introduction of an English literature essay;

  • Some phrases like, “in this essay, I am going to talk about…..”
  • Do not give a much detailed analysis of the context.
  • Never move away from the essay question or the topic.

How to structure an English literature essay

Introduction of an English literature essay does not make the very first impression to the reader but the structure will capture the attention of the reader. The structure of the English literature essay assures the reader that the writing presented maintains the flow of ideas and a coherent structure.

A solid structure will therefore make the reader very much interested in the essay. An English literature essay therefore has three sections; introduction, the body and conclusion.


Here is the structure of introduction of an English literature revive;

  • Opening sentence.
  • Background information.
  • Overview of the topic.
  • Thesis statement.

Body paragraphs.

These are the building blocks for critical analysis. The common structure of any main body paragraph starts with topic sentence, and followed by a series of sentences which are extensions of the topic. The sentences should include an argument and support to the topic. Bear in mind that stringing quotes and facts together do not make a good quality critical English literature essay.

The structure of body paragraphs should have the following sentences in their paragraphs;

  • Topic sentences.
  • The development.
  • The supporting quotation.


This is last paragraph of the English literature essay. The aim is to leave the impact on the reader’s mind. Conclusion is the summary of the entire essay and it provides the reader’s a sense of closure. Here are the strategies to concluding an English literature essay;

  • Place a connector to the opener – conclusion should have an interesting opening sentence and must be related to the first paragraph.
  • Restate the thesis in different words – this serves more of a final judgment of what the writer think about the assigned context.
  • Summarize of main points – readers should see the big picture of the arguments made along the body of the essay.
  • State the significance of writing the prose – the writer should make the readers feel the meaningful and important analysis.
  • Direct the audience wisely – if for instance the writer had come up with a suggestion, e or she should express it in the conclusion section.
  • Consider other perspective as well – as literary analysis is subjective, different perspective on the same text co-exist.

Write my English literature essay.

Writing a good English literature essay can be a quite uphill task for new writers and college students as they are still fresh with little skills and experience. However, with the help of tutors and online platforms, guiding can be done for one to write an English literature essay that meets the minimum standards.

With exposure and continuous practices on writing the English literature essays, one can develop the skills and confidence gradually and there will be an improvement in the quality of essays. School and other learning institutions can play a key role in developing literature writing skills by encouraging students to write literature essays from the early life of education.

English literature can change the judgmental ability of the society positively and the perception of the things happening in our daily lives. It will also develop persuasive skills which are very important in our daily lives. English literature is thus a very important discipline to study in life.

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